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Make Your Hair Silky with Herbal Shampoo

Sebum is necessary to make your hair shiny and beautiful. Fat also helps support the environment for faster hair growth. Having said that commercial shampoos should be avoided if you can avoid.

Shampoos often made me artificial ingredients, even the smell they give out are created in the laboratory. In fact, prolonged use of commercial shampoos often lead to hair loss, dandruff and dry scalp, itching
What are the solutions?

The solution is to use a herbal shampoo natural. Herbal shampoos are perfect for growing your tent and healthy long hair. Usually contain herbs that are natural and have a long history of actually benefiting your hair

So this article I will share with you a recipe for all natural shampoos.

This is what you need:
100 of soap nut powder extract
50 grams of soap nut extract which is sticky

Mix soap nut powder with water until it is liquid, now slowly add moisture to the soap nut oil. You have to stir the mixture as you lower the mix water and detergent soap nut nut oil. Stir until everything is combined and the pasta is pasta and shampoo. Now use this to wash your hair as you would a normal shampoo

Note that this mixture does not foam as much as a shampoo commercial that can not be used for this purpose. However, it cleanses the hair and nourish the scalp. Frankly, after using this and not be prone to disease problems and scalp

This recipe for herbal shampoo should last two washes. Do a little more as you see fit and when necessary. Washing your hair is fine as long as you use a natural formulation, so I just share with you. You simply have to be consistent with it and gradually get rid of your hair products business over time.

There are many other herbs, essential oils, extracts and botanicals that are in the manufacturer’s arsenal today. A well-developed shampoo herbal – either for growth, shine, moisture and cleaning – can be the best shampoo I’ve used!

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