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Online Pharmacy – Myths and Facts

While browsing the Internet, one may have noted that there are thousands of websites, which are selling medicines, drugs and other pharmaceutical products. These types of websites are called online pharmacy websites or online prescription website. To much extent they claim to be safe and ethical but the question to be raised is, ‘is it really true’? Are they safe enough to be trusted by anyone who is looking for something genuine to cure his/her ailment? To be very fair, not all the communication between a consumer and an Online Pharmacy website are wrong. Neither all online drug websites are illegal.

There is usually no tension until the pharmacy websites leaves or skips the most important step of making sure that a physician who has written a prescription is familiar with the patient and his past medical history. But indeed, there is a problem with this type of selling of drugs over Internet. Recently, in the state of Texas in USA, the Texas State Board filed a complaint against a doctor who worked with the now-banned Web site, The Board suspected that the physician prescribed Viagra over the Internet to around 1,300 patients without knowing their medical history or any physical examination. Prescribing any drug in this way brings patients in a very high risk zone. In this article, we will try to discover answers to many questions like this and more specifically the safety and danger to customers from purchasing drugs online, and scan recent initiatives to check the online pharmacy and online drug prescription industry.

For those costumers who prefer to go to these online drug stores because of lower prices they are offered, convenience and privacy points. Since the prices of almost all drugs are lower in other counties than in their countries, these foreign pharmacy websites provides consumers a cheaper rate alternative. For example a consumer from Canada will pay 20-50 percent less than a consumer of America for all prescription drugs available on these online pharmacy websites. So it is not a surprise that it brings Canadian drug prices to the world and saves their consumers up to 50% on all the prescription drugs available. The most part of the costumers of these online pharmacy websites are the elderly people who prefer for convenience of ordering and getting drugs without going out of their home. So finally it can be said that these online pharmacy websites allow it’s consumers to order the products they want and consult with a pharmacist in the privacy of their homes. Because and that is why the most popular drugs sold through internet pharmacies are the drugs used to improve lifestyle, which includes Viagra for erectile dysfunction, Propecia for hair loss, and Xenical for obesity.

Sometimes, anonymous consultation with a distant pharmacist is easier than a visit to the family doctor. While, supplying or sending drugs and medicines through Internet is illegal and justifiable, prescribing drugs on Internet bring a major health risk to the patients. At the websites that prescribes drugs, a patient gets a drug prescribed only by answering a questionnaire provided by the website. Through this questionnaire form patient can’t tell every single detail about his health status and body’s past medical history to the Internet pharmacist. This exposes patients to dangerous side effects from inappropriately prescribed medicines and dangerous drug interactions. Also this self diagnosis stops a patient from taking the correct and necessary medical treatment. Mostly websites like the ones trapped by the FDA in recent times was selling drugs without any prescription or any type of questionnaire. These types of online pharmacy websites and all the products sold on these websites can be called illegal, if guidelines given by FDA and WHO are reviewed. Moreover, there are certain other things to check while approaching an online pharmacy website. Some of them are; is the website you are about to buy medicines and drugs from, certified by square trade organization? If yes, it means that the website is declared legal for trade after many rounds of intensive tests and examinations. After this only, these websites are allowed to apply a logo of square trade on their pages. To see whether this logo is original or the work of an internet scam artist, you need to click on that logo, which will link you to the official website of square trade organization.

The other things are to check whether the online pharmacy website has hundred percent complete information of the drug they are selling. Are these online drug stores working in cooperation with the rules and regulations recommended by FDA and WHO? Whether they are not using outdated and expired medicines and are they using medicines and drugs manufactures by top pharmacy companies? For this they need to be certified by Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Whether they are keeping you very private and confidential? Are they selling drugs on comparatively lower costs and they are not taking chances with the patient’s health to cover the loss done by these lowered prices?

Some consciousness and awareness and a little information is all that is needed by all consumers from preventing them from getting entangled into the trap of these online pharmacy websites and wasting their money, time and most important of all, their health. But it is very harsh and sad to say; very often people have nothing from consciousness and awareness and a little information.

Pharmacy Technician Certification Study Guide Totally free

Extra men and women around the world desire to stay much better and therefore are trying to find health care attention, causing incremental progress with the pharmaceutical area. As a lot more folks will need healthcare attention, much more and more workers within this subject are desired to offer service. Job options for people today who are worried with people today and their well being have grown and also have turn out to be far more rewarding with regards to salary and profession advancement.

The escalating need for staff during the pharmaceutical trade has led to a rise within the range of institutions offering education software programs. There is certainly a great desire for pharmacy technicians who accomplished schooling from reputable establishments. The pharmacy technician certification system can be obtained right after 6 to twelve months schooling. On top of that to standard classroom education, distance understanding by means of on the net courses is additionally accessible.

Pharmacy technicians are right supervised by licensed pharmacists. Pharmacists are getting to be far more involved with affected person care, answering patients’ issues about their prescription. Technicians support pharmacists fill prescriptions, as well as perform numerous consumer service assignments. They may also do info entry, organizing medicines within the shelves, managing the funds register, and answering telephone calls. Primarily, pharmacy technicians have to have sturdy organizational expertise and existence of thoughts to supply right guidance. These skills may be guaranteed, even though not absolutely, by a pharmacy technician certification.

A lot more and much more employers are raising their regular in picking out candidates for pharmacy technician placement. A technician may be hired and permitted to practice even though he/she has not taken the pharmacy technician certification. But health-related facilities such as hospitals and pharmacies want to make certain that the technicians completely realize not simply the medical terminologies, but also his undertaking to assist the pharmacist with day-to day work. A pharmacy technician may also have intentions of turning out to be a completely competent pharmacist in long term so obtaining a pharmacy technician certification is quite useful. Pharmacy educational institutions very contemplate candidates that by now possess the technician certification.

Pharmacy technician certification may be get by taking any on the two understand exams while in the US, the pharmacy technician certification Exam (PTCE) or even the Examination for Licensed Pharmacy technicians (ExCPT). Each examinations test the applicants knowledge of their foundational obligations in offering assistance to the pharmacist, taking care of patients, and keeping health care inventory and control programs. The acknowledged organizations who administer these nationwide certification exams are the pharmacy technician certification Board and also the Institute for that Certification of Pharmacy technicians. These certifying organizations have quite simply identical needs for applicants to be permitted to take the examination. The applicant can both have a Higher College Diploma or even a Basic Education Development (GED) diploma or an equivalent credential from the country of origin. It really is nonetheless crucial the applicant have to haven’t any document of felony within 5 many years before the date of software and no drug- or pharmacy-related crimes at any level. Application of those whose pharmaceutical license revoked, suspended or denied may be rejected. Certification in other nations may have unique requirements. Canada, for one, requires that the applicant features a specified pharmaceutical get the job done knowledge in conjunction with the classroom education.

Employment within the pharmaceutical trade is anticipated to boost previously mentioned common as well as the task possibilities are to become good, in particular for many who are certified pharmacy technician, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With this discipline developing very much more rapidly, a pharmacy technician certification implies better edge, swifter occupation advancement, and larger pay out. Certified pharmacy technician are necessary to renew their certification each and every two many years from your very same entire body of certifying institution in which the pharmacy technician certification was initially obtained. Licensed technician should also complete 20 hrs of continuing education. Ten several hours could be acquired from on-the-job schooling certified by a certified pharmacist, one hour dedicated to pharmacy law, and the rest from be obtained from institutions presenting the program.

Top 4 Signs Of A Fraudster Posing As A Canada Pharmacy Seller

Sometimes, the world seems like a sad place to be. For every hard working person or corporation that tries to deliver quality products and services, there are a few fraudsters trying to make quick bucks. This is truer in case of most online businesses and Canadian pharmacies are testimony to this fact. LegitScript, a pharmaceutical rating agency, released a list of 340 genuine and over 47,000 rogue sellers of pharmaceutical organizations in Canada. At a Canada pharmacy you are bound to save 30-60 percent on prescription drugs. Most customers are lured by the huge discount and fail to research, which creates a conducive environment for fraudsters.

However a diligent customer who researches before ordering supplies can save 40-50 percent. Given the fact that prescription drugs are a large component of the expenditure of every American household, there is a desperate need for a solution to the problem of fraudsters posing as organizations selling Canada pharmacy products.

Awareness as the Cure to Canada Pharmacy Frauds

Like always, you must take all the necessary steps to ensure that you do not give in to the whims of fraudsters. Your tool to beat them is awareness and it will be beneficial to educate yourself on separating the wheat from the chaff, especially, when you can save thousands of dollars by doing so. So, here are some tell tale signs of a spurious Canada pharmacy.

No Prescription: A genuine pharmacy will never compromise on the safety of its customer. So, if you come across a pharmacy that offers you drugs without prescription, do not buy! The safety regulations in Canada are very similar to the ones in the US and acquiring prescription from the client is part of Canada’s safety regulations. Therefore, if a Canada pharmacy does not ask for prescriptions, they are definitely doing something illegal.

License: Any registered Canada pharmacy will have a registration number. This will be prominently displayed on their website. Now, the presence of a number in itself does not guarantee that the organization is genuine. You should verify their registration record. This can be done by using the registration number to look up their details with a major accreditation agency, such as

Address: Another simple clue of finding out whether a Canada pharmacy is fake is their official address. Just take their address and try to locate it on “Google Maps” or any other software. These fraudsters tend to publish addresses which do not exist. Although the existence of an address does not in any way guarantee the fact that you are dealing with the authentic organization but it will help you identify the fake.

Spam: A reputed Canada pharmacy will never find customers by spamming mailboxes. If you have been solicited by such organization/s with an e-mail without any record of you having contacted them or visited their website, it is most probably a fraudulent pharmacy.

D Pharmacy

The modern era societies have great concern about the health of their people, so they are engaged with multi disciplinary team work of physicians, pharmacists, nurses and others to optimise better health care delivery for boosting up the health of their public.  The profession of Pharmacy has evolved from its traditional role of compounding the drugs to the pharmaceutical care, the design and development of magic drugs and their formulations and the ongoing research in medical and pharmaceutical fields to counteract the needs of the modern society. The Department of Pharmacy at the University of Lahore has been established to provide education in basic health needs of the modern era, to achieve the goals of enriching ourselves in a fast flowing stream of knowledge via electronic or audio-visual aid and to prepare professionals of matching caliber. The rigor of our academic programme, the selection of modern courses, teaching faculty and access to state of the art facilities at our campus will add prestige and recognition to the degree, we will be awarding to our students.


The mission of Department of Pharmacy is to educate and train the people for present as well as for future concern so that they become useful and productive members of health care team, thus, serving the needs of the society in a best possible way. The Department of Pharmacy is committed to provide an environment of academic excellence and research, and social responsibilities that facilitate the propagation and acquisition of knowledge and skills related to the profession of pharmacy and the disciplines in pharmacy education.

Goals: We desire to be recognized as a leader in Pharmacy education through:

1. Achieving competency in pharmacy curriculum by maintaining ethical and professional standards.

2. Preparing the pharmacy graduates by giving through knowledge, skills, motivation and professional attitude to the proper and rational use of drugs, now and in the future.

3. Promoting an environment to support research in basic

scientific training to the students in pursuing career as professional pharmacists, researchers, managers and academicians. and applied pharmaceutical & medical sciences, to advance pharmaceutical knowledge, to encourage fundamental drugs discovery and finally the attainment of advanced degrees.

4. Exploring concerns common to pharmacy and allied professions for the purpose of promoting efficient distribution and utilization of health related services.

5. Developing and maintaining high quality education programs which enable the Department of Pharmacy to:

a. Provide traditional and non-traditional educational avenues for advanced professional and academic degree studies.

b. Improve public perception of pharmacy practice

c. Increase public awareness of drugs

Scope of Pharmacy

Community / Retail Pharmacy: This area involves the practice of pharmacy in community settings or retail outlets. Pharmacists, in the community settings, are actively involved in educating patients, maintaining and monitoring drug records and providing information resource of the highest caliber. This is very rapidly growing area of pharmacy profession in which the pharmacists are deployed at store levels leading to the management positions in chain drug pharmacies or themselves become the owner of their own pharmacies.

Hospital and Other Institutional Settings: The expansion of health care needs of the society puts the hospital pharmacists in a position to have direct involvement in patient care besides its established roles of control, supply and distribution of drugs, management functions, personnel administration, system development and planning. Hospital pharmacists continue to become more involved in providing patient-oriented services; the demand for practishnors in this area of pharmacy continues to grow.

Managed Care Pharmacy: Managed care pharmacy services are the extended health delivery system services that provides the pharmaceutical care at the primary / or preventive level. Increasingly, pharmacists are employed in various capacities within managed care organizations (MCQs). Managed care is a system designed to optimize patient care and outcomes and foster quality through greater coordination of medical and pharmaceutical services.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Another career option in pharmacy is represented by the pharmaceutical industry. Here, pharmacists are employed in manufacturing, product development / research, quality control, marketing, sales and administration. Many pharmacists obtain a postgraduate degree in order to meet the technical demands and scientific duties required in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Academic Pharmacy: Approximately 500 full- time faculty members work in the nation’s Faculty or Departments of Pharmacy, while in a developed country like USA; this figure is more than 3000. They are involved with teaching, research, public service and patient care. Becoming a member of the faculty at an Institute / Department / Faculty of Pharmacy usually requires a Postgraduate degree. After graduation, only few

pharmacists exercise the option to teach, hence there, currently exists a shortage, creating an array of excellent professional opportunities.

Other Fields in Pharmacy: Pharmacists use their basic educational background in a host of federal, state and professional positions. At the federal or provincial level, pharmacists hold posts like drug inspectors, drug controllers, pharmacists / chief pharmacists at drug testing laboratories and also as Commissioned Officers in Pakistan Armed Forces. Pharmacists with interest and special talents in organizational work also guide several national professional associations. There are pharmacist in advertising, packaging, technical writing, magazine editing and science reporting. There are pharmacists with legal training serving as patent lawyers or as experts in pharmaceutical law.

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D)




Application for admission to the Pharm-D. program in Pharmacy will be made to the Head of Pharmacy Department, The University of Lahore. An applicant should possess F.Sc. (Pre-medical) certificate or equivalent from any recognized college of the country / B.Sc Chemistry, Botany, Zoology from recognized Institute in 2nd division. There will be an aptitude/ entrance test for each applicant and the admission will be decided after the interview. Application forms should be submitted by the applicant along with official transcripts from the institutions last attended, test scores and three letters of recommendation. Letters are sent directly to the Head of Pharmacy Department. For more information about admission to Departmental Programs, please consult the admission office or contact Student Services at 042-5411901 ext. 317

Examination System

The five years Pharm-D degree program will be conducted under Annual system of examination. There will be 1st annual examination after the end of each professional year followed by 2nd annual examination of that year. The candidate will be required to pass all the theory and practical papers separately by obtaining 50% of the marks. The students will have to clear professional exam in four consecutive examinations including 1st annual exam fixed for that class. In extraordinary cases students may be allowed 5th chance to clear his/her professional exam by the Rector of the University on the recommendation of the head of department.

If in the first professional class he/she does not clear all the subjects of first professional exam in maximum five attempts he/she ceased to be the students of University. However he/she will be eligible for re admission.

Academic Regulation


F.Sc with Pre-Medical or Equivalent B.Sc with Chemistry, Botany, Zoology from a recognized Institute in 2nd division.

Improvement of Division

Any subject in which a student may have enlisted more than once is considered a repeat course. With the permission of the Advisor programs, a student may enlist in the course(s) for marks improvement. The marks obtained in the said course shall be counted towards degree requirements at the time of Graduation.

Attendance: 80% attendance is essential for each student to sit in the final professional examination. It carries 10% credit marks, which will be accumulated in the finals of each year.

Promotion of the Failed students in Professional Examination: A student will only be provisionally promoted to the next higher class if he/she has failed in two subjects of the 2nd and onward professional examinations. If he does not pass even after availing three chances he/she will be reverted back to lower class.

Assignments / Test / Tutorials / teachers assessment: Assignments / tests are given after completion of each topic in every subject. These topics are then subjected to discussion in class tutorials and then the relevant teacher assesses the knowledge and participation from each student. These carry 15% of total marks.

Duration of program: The program shall be spread over a period of five professional years.

First Professional Pharm-D

Semester 1

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I

(Organic-I) [Th.}

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I

(Organic-I (Lab.]

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry-I [Th.]

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry-I [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-I (Physical Pharmacy-I [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-I (Physical Pharmacy-I [Lab.]

Physiology & Histology-I [Th.]

Physiology & Histology-I [Lab.]


Pharmaceutical Mathematics

Semester 2

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Organic-II) [Th.]

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Organic-II) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry-II [Th.]

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry-II) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-II (Physical Pharmacy-II) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-II {Physical Pharmacy-II) [Lab.]

Physiology & Histology-II [Th.]

Physiology & Histology-II [Lab.]


Secomd Professional Pharm-D

Semester 1

Pharmaceutics-III (Pharmaceutical Preparations-1) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-III (Pharmaceutical Prparatins-1) [Lab.]

Pharmacology & Therapeutics-1 (General-1) [Th.]

Pharmacology & Therapeutics-1 (General-1) [Lab.]

Pharmacognosy-1 [Th.]

Pharmacognosy-1 [Lab.]

Pharmaceutical Microbiology-1 [Th.]

Pharmaceutical Microbiology-1 [Lab.]

Pakistan Studies

Semester 2

Pharmaceutics-IV (Pharmaceutical Preparations-II) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-IV (Pharmaceutical Preparations-II) [Lab.]

Pharmacology & Therapeutics-II (General-II [Th.]

Pharmacology & Therapeutics-II (General-II) [Lab.]

Pharmacognosy –II [Th.]

Pharmacognosy-II [Lab.]

Pharmaceutical Microbiology -II [Th.]

Pharmaceutical Microbiology-II [Lab.]


Third Professional Pharm-D

Semester 1

Pathology [Th.]

Pathology [Lab.]

Pharmacology & Therapeutics-1II (Systemic Pharmacology-1) [Th.]

Pharmacology & Therapeutics-III (Systemic Pharmacology-1) [Lab.]

Pharmacognosy-III [Th.]

Pharmacognosy-III [Lab.]

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III (Instrumentation-I [Th.]

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III (Instrumentation-I [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-V (Dispensing Pharmacy) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-V (Dispensing Pharmacy) [Lab.]

Semester 2

Computer and its Applications in Pharmacy [Th.]

Computer and its Applications in Pharmacy [Lab.]

Pharmacology & Therapeutics-IV (Systemic Pharmacology-II) [Th.]

Pharmacology & Therapeutics-IV (Systemic Pharmacology-II) [Lab.]

Pharmacognosy –IV [Th.]

Pharmacognosy-IVI [Lab.]

Pharmaceutical Chemistry –IV (Instrumentation-II) [Th.]

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IV (Instrumentation-II) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-VI (Community Pharmacy) [Th.]

Fourth Professional Pharm-D

Semester 1

Pharmaceutics-VII (Hospital Pharmacy-I) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-VIII (Clinical Pharmacy-I) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-VIII (Clinical Pharmacy-I) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-IX (Industrial Pharmacy-I) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-IX (Industrial Pharmacy-I) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-X (Bio Pharmaceutics-I) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-X (Bio Pharmaceutics0I) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-XI (Pharmaceutical Quality Management-I) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-XI (Pharmaceutical Quality Management-I) [Lab.]

Semester 2

Pharmaceutics-VII (Hospital Pharmacy-II) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-VIII (Clinical Pharmacy-II) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-VIII (Clinical Pharmacy-II) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-IX (Industrial Pharmacy-II) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-IX (Industrial Pharmacy-II) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-X (Bio Pharmaceutics-II) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-X (Bio Pharmaceutics-II) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-XI (Pharmaceutical Quality Management-II) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-XI (Pharmaceutical Quality Management-II) [Lab.]

Fifth Professional Pharm-D

Semester 1

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Medicinal-I) [Th.]

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Medicinal-I) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-XVII (Clinical Pharmacy-III) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-XVII (Clinical Pharmacy-III) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-XVIII (Pharmaceutical Technology-I) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-XVIII (Pharmaceutical Technology-I) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-XIX (Forensic Pharmacy-I) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-XX (Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing-I) [Th.]

Semester 2

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Medicinal-II) [Th.]

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Medicinal-II) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-XVII (Clinical Pharmacy-IV) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-XVII (Clinical Pharmacy-IV) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-XVIII (Pharmaceutical Technology-II) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-XVIII (Pharmaceutical Technology-II) [Lab.]

Pharmaceutics-XIX (Forensic Pharmacy-II) [Th.]

Pharmaceutics-XX (Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing-II) [Th.]

Doctor of Pharmacy – Condensed (Pharm-D)

Condensed course for Pharm-D is offered to those who have completed B. Pharmacy degree with 4 years course. This condense course consists of two semesters each of six months comprising of the following subjects

Anatomy biopharmaceutics, Biostatistics, clinical pharmacy, Community Pharmacy computer and its application in Pharmacy, instrumentations, Pathology Pharmaceutical Quality Management Pharmaceutical Technology. Pharmacy management and Marketing.

Objectives: The main objective is to train pharmacists and equip them with necessary competencies and skills in the art and science of preparing and dispensing medications as well as in the field of Clinical Pharmacy. In doing so, the program endeavors to provide up-to-date knowledge via Internet and rigorous. Other objectives are: Develop and apply their knowledge for safer and apt delivery of life saving drugs to the public. Understand nature of drug policies plans trends and to prevail the ethical drug practices. Clearly understand the meaning of cGMP, TQM, and standardization techniques and to practice it accordingly. Cultivate management skills in organization, planning, monitoring and evaluation relating to pharmaceutical industry and hospital design, conduct, analyze, interpret and communicate the results of pertinent studies and programs in the field of Pharmacy. Details are available from the department

Fee Structure

Doctor of Pharmacy (5 Years)

Fee Per Semester

Semester 1 – Rs. 56,700

Semester 2 – Rs. 54,000

Semester 3 – Rs. 51,300

Semester 4 – Rs. 51,300

Semester 5 – Rs. 51,300

Semester 6 – Rs. 54,000

Semester 7 – Rs. 51,300

Semester 8 – Rs. 51,300

Semester 9 – Rs. 48,600

Semester 10 – Rs. 48,600

Total Fee for ten semester 518,400

Admission & Registration Fee (one time) 25,000

Total Fee for programme 543,400

Canada Pharmacy- A One Stop Solution for Medications at Very Low Prices

Each Canada pharmacy is a perfect place for purchasing prescription or generic medications at cost-effective prices and up to 90% discounts. Because of providing Canada prescription drugs online at very easy on the pocket prices, these pharmacies have a long list of worldwide customers. These pharmacies have carved a special niche in the global market for cost-effective medications (Canadian prescription medications).

Now, you need not go any where or pay a good amount of money for medications. All you need to do is just place your order online at any selected Canada online pharmacy. Numerous pharmacies in Canada also sell medications with or without prescription. However, these prescription drugs are examines and approved by Health Canada or by the Federal Regulatory Body, which is responsible for safety and effectiveness of the Canada prescription drugs. Canada prescription drugs like Prevacid, Premarin, Celexa, Celebrex, Fosamax, Zocor, Zoloft, Tamoxifen, Actonel, Flomax, etc are available online at very discount prices up to 90% discount.

These medications are for different types of diseases and health problems. Those patients who don’t have health insurance or already spent a good amount of money, buying Canada prescription drugs online is one of the best ways of saving a huge amount of money. Apart from this, they need not go anywhere as they have to simply place their order online. These pharmacies in Canada are also known for safe delivery of medications. Numerous pharmacies also offer free shipment, but in a fix area.

Patients’ safety is the main concern of these pharmacies and for this, all the prescription and generic medications are reviewed appropriately by the licensed pharmacist as well as physicians before being delivered. Canada online pharmacies are also known for offering round the clock services.

No doubt, by offering safe and approved medications for all types mild to moderate diseases at very attractive discounts, Canada Pharmacies have really changed the concept of purchasing prescription medications. But, because of the growing popularity, numerous fake pharmacies are also available online that never disclose any contact number or address as they are not approved pharmacies.

Therefore, before placing an order for Canada prescription drugs, you are advised to check the toll-free number, address and also license number as licensed pharmacies mention their license number in their website. You can also trust at any selected licensed Canada online pharmacy as each pharmacy is committed to achieve all standards delineated by the leading pharmacy accreditation organizations to ensure patients’ safety.

Sheridan & Co creates Beverly Hills store for The Organic Pharmacy

Sheridan & Co has worked with Francesco Marrone (CEO of The Organic Pharmacy) to create a flagship Beverly Hills store for the US retailing arrival of UK brand The Organic Pharmacy.

Located on prestigious North Beverly Drive, Los Angeles 90210, the 1,000 square feet site is the first standalone US store for the homeopathic and herbal pharmacy. The brand positions itself as the world’s first health and beauty pharmacy using organic products with a unique holistic approach to skincare.

The UK and US based retail design experts at Sheridan & Co have worked with The Organic Pharmacy over the past 3 years to create cool, stylish interiors for the brand’s retail operations.

Michael Sheridan, CEO of Sheridan & Co, said: “It was very exciting to get the call from Margo Marrone, the co-founder of The Organic Pharmacy, asking us to design the Beverly Hills store.  I am sure the LA customer, who is very health conscious and aware of organic products, will be very excited by The Organic Pharmacy’s concept.”

Sheridan added: “We are increasingly doing more work on the West Coast of the US – it is fertile ground for interesting new beauty brands.”

The Organic Pharmacy’s beauty products are already distributed in the US but this will be the first time that the American customer can fully learn about the brand’s holistic focus on health and beauty. At the heart of the concept is its herbal and homeopathic dispensary, run by two pharmacists in the LA store. In addition there is a health and beauty room where customers can get a facial, massage or a body scan to determine tailor-made treatments.

Sheridan & Co’s creative team designed the retail area under Francesco’s guidelines to create clean angular lines and white high gloss materials. The modular wall bays are colour-coded to suit each of the organic brands, so the customer can navigate the products. Sheridan & Co also created tester bars for the brand’s skincare and for Organic Glam, the Organic Pharmacy’s make-up line.