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Effective Health and Beauty Tips for Work at Home Moms

Effective Health and Beauty Tips for Work at Home Moms

Work at home moms often find themselves neglecting their health and beauty in the midst of their busy, hectic schedules. Self-maintenance is important for any woman, and work at home moms need to take all the more care of themselves as they are busy trying to juggle between work and family life.

Affordable health and beauty Tips for work at home moms

Most of the beauty products found in the market are too expensive and for a work at home mom eager to start a home business, it might be difficult to keep up with the market trends. The best thing to do is to go for beauty recipes that are easy to find and don’t hurt your budget as well.

Beauty tips for smooth, flawless skin

During the hectic pace of your day, you might forget to cleanse and moisturize your face. One of the most natural ways to moisturize your face is to cover your face with honey and leave it for around 20 minutes, preferably when you are sitting and not running about. The honey will feel a little sticky at first; however it is one of the best ways to naturally moisturize your face. Once you wash off your face, you will notice how soft and supple your skin feels.
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Easy Lip care

As with other parts of your body, your lips too need good care and maintenance. You could damp a towel and rub it gently over your lips to remove the unwanted dead skin. Now apply a coat of Vaseline and you will feel a world of difference. Dry and flaking lips often leave an appearance of shabbiness. Keep your lips smooth and clear, and you won’t even need to apply lipstick.

Nail care
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Most work at home moms tend to neglect their nails as they go about their household work and home business. Your nails say a lot about you and add to your overall appearance. Therefore taking care of your nails should be a part of your regular beauty regimen. You don’t have to use expensive products from the market or visit the costly beauty parlor in your local area, all you need to do is keep them clean and filed. Before using varnish on your nails, you can also coat them with olive or almond oil for smoother finish.

Home remedies for puffy eyes

Being a work at home with a toddler is bound to keep you awake at nights. This results in heavy, puffy eyes that do no good to your appearance. One effective grandmother’s beauty tip is to cover your eyes with fresh slices of cucumber and relax for around 10 minutes. This is sure to bring back that fresh look to your eyes. Another beauty tip for tired, puffy eyes is to cover them with tea bags and let them relax for 5-10 minutes.

Taking care of your feet

As a busy work at home mom you may not have the time or the money to visit the parlor for regular pedicures. One effective home beauty recipe is to thoroughly wash your feet, and slowly take off the dead skin with the help of a foot filer or pumice stone. Once you have done that, apply an affordable body lotion on your feet and put on socks before going to bed. Next morning, you will be surprised at how soft and smooth your feet feel.

Health and Beauty care does not mean investing hours every day on your skin, hair, nails, etc. A quick 10-minute beauty regimen can also help you maintain your beauty and radiance. Make sure that you stick to these easy to follow, beauty tips as you go about your busy schedule as an active work at home mom.

Fill Your Home and Business With Organic Products for Health and Sustainability!

Organic herbs are only one of the many different types of organic products that can be used at home or in your business. Organic products are based on plants that are grown organically. This means that no synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides were used on the plants or the land on which the plants were grown. Organic growing also helps to promote a diversity of plants, rather than the monoculture farming practices often seen on farms run by agricultural conglomerates. Because of the diversity and lack of chemicals introduced into the environment, it offers a more sustainable growing option than factory farming provides. For all these reasons, organic products, such as organic herbs, organic spices, organic essential oils , organic bath products, organic teas and even organic salt, make for healthier, toxin-free options for products you use around the home or at your place of business.

Organic Herbs

These glorious herbs form the basis of a gourmet cook’s pantry. Seasoning staples such as spices like basil, cinnamon, curry powders, spice blends such as Cajun Spice, Fajita Seasoning, and so many more all provide a richer flavor when they start with herbs grown organically. You can even find organically produced salt, which will find its way into numerous recipes from your kitchen.

Herbs can also be drunk in the form of teas. Teas not only taste delicious, but many contain little to no caffeine. You can enjoy the flavors of chai tea, chamomile tea, lemon or orange spice teas, and you can even create your own specialty tea blends with your favorite herbs and spices.

In addition, organic herbs are used to create the essential oils used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses extracted oils from organically grown herbs to create these pure and concentrated oils. The essential oil is placed in a diffuser, which applies heat to the oil in order to release the intoxicating scent.

One of the best ways to utilize organic herbs is as an ingredient used in bath products. There is nothing more wonderful than filling a cheesecloth drawstring bag with a luxurious herbal bath blend, and then letting the bag soak in the bath water, to release the fragrance not only in the moist air but also onto your skin.

Restaurants and stores that create and sell their own herbal products like soaps find that using herbs grown organically is an attractive selling point that helps increase business. Organic herbs can be purchased in bulk for businesses that require them as ingredients or for sale in bulk to the public.

How To Make Natural Soap – Forming Your Own Soap At Home

Nearly all products incorporating ‘natural’ on the label is supported by anyone. Yes, we surely want to avoid artificial ingredients in every product we buy that is why we dig natural products. They are said to be helpful to overall well-being of a person. This makes a lot of people becoming engrossed in natural beauty soaps. With their health benefits and prospective earnings, enthusiasts have given interest on how to make natural soap.

Soap making that uses the natural method is a great way to provide quality soap bars. Soap is a widely manufactured product since we use it on a regular basis. It is a daily essential. Some of the commercially produced soaps are either machine-made or hand-made. The best thing about it is that, while home, you could study how to make natural soap. You can make them yourself and use them for your daily shower sessions.

The natural element in the organic soap is recognized as the beneficial factor that makes the skin glowing and nourished. Today, natural soap bars are healthful skin care products commonly available in supermarkets and specialty stores in huge volumes and offered by countless brands. These confusing trademarks as well as the uncertainty of the shoppers if these products really include natural ingredients make some consumer prefer to study how to make natural soap.

Natural soaps are the end-result of mixed ingredients like natural oil from different herbs. Plant-based oil forms the vital ingredients that are essential in the creation of organic soap. Natural skin products from plants are gifts of nature, thus making more consumers attracted in buying these soaps while some still like the idea of knowing how to make natural soap.

Soap bars differ because of the ingredients. These ingredients also determine whether soap is soft or hard. If you watch soap production, you will exactly find out how to make natural soap and how oils and chemicals are added. With saponification process, oils are gathered from plants and are processed along with particular chemical amount. Home-made soaps can include glycerin or the ingredient intended to skin our softer.

Should you wish to discover how to make natural soap, do not fail to use the proper materials and to follow the correct procedures and processes to make one. Remember that you are making a skin care product and an improper calculation or measurement of the ingredients as well as using faulty materials can cause health problems.

Revelation – All Natural Beauty Products You Can Make at Home

All Natural Beauty Products can be easily made at home. By learning how to make all natural beauty products of your own, you will be helping the environment, along with saving money. There are a number of all natural beauty recipes which can be prepared with just a few items you may already have in your kitchen.These all natural beauty recipes are easy to make and are also healthier than using commercial cosmetic products.

Most commercial cosmetic products on the market include some type of chemical or detergent.  When this is washed off your skin or thrown in the trash, these chemicals and toxins can get into the water supply.  Making your own natural beauty products out of common household items is a much greener solution.

Some common kitchen items that can be used to make natural beauty products are Epsom salt, bananas, honey, oatmeal, olive and vegetable oils, yogurt, mayonnaise.  This is just a short list of household products that can be used for skin or hair care.  There are quite a few other natural products that can do wonders for your appearance.

There are two common ingredients that you probably will not have on hand when you are learning how to make natural beauty products.  These are beeswax and natural soap bars.  Beeswax and other natural waxes can be found at health food stores, soap making shops, and some craft stores.  For those allergic to bees, there are other vegetable- and flower-based waxes to choose from.

Olive oil is a very versatile home remedy that can be used for a number of natural beauty purposes.  It will moisturize the dry skin of your elbows, cuticles, knees, and feet.  Olive oil can be added to a warm bath for even more moisture and softness.  For dry hair or scalp, simply massage the oil directly in with your hands.

You can even make your own natural exfoliating treatment from olive oil.  Mix the oil with twice as much brown sugar to create a thick paste.  Use this paste as a pre-shower skin treatment by rubbing gently into the skin.  Rinse thoroughly in the shower to remove all paste and any dead skin cells.

If you have bananas on hand, you can also use those as a moisturizer for dry and cracked skin.  Mash a ripe banana until it becomes a paste that is smooth enough to apply to your face or hands.  Let the paste soak in for about ten minutes, then rinse off and pat dry.  For added moisturizing, add in a teaspoon of olive oil before applying to dry, parched skin.

These are just a few of the all natural beauty products you can make at home without spending much money.  Other great natural home remedies include facial cleansers, herbal bath soaks, skin butter, and natural body scrubs.  Most of these recipes can be made with simple ingredients that you already have at home.

Benefits Of Organic Products-All Natural And Home Remedies Are Safe

As more and more people are becoming aware about the harmful chemicals present in almost every product, they have switched over to Organic products. Organic products are in great demand these days. The pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are sprayed on plants so as to improve their production capacity, has great side-effects in our body. People are suffering health and skin problems due to accumulation of toxins in their bodies. Hence it is best to consume and use organic products that are not only safe but also provide numerous health benefits. Organic products include natural food, natural herbs and teas, coffees, natural remedies, organic essential oils, natural skin care and bath products, eco-friendly gifts, etc. Here are a few benefits of using organic products: 1. Organic products are eco-friendly: Organic products reduce the use of non-renewable resources, which are scarce. Organic products do not pollute the atmosphere and help to maintain the wildlife too. 2. Healthy for human body: As we are aware about the fact that organic products are natural products without any traces of chemicals or toxic substances. Thus it provides all the essential nutrients to our body that help us remain healthy and strong. Natural herbs and teas helps your body function perfectly thereby improving your resistance power. 3. No synthetic products: Organic products are free from any kind of preservatives, artificial colors or chemicals. Thus these are completely safe to use without any side-effects. 4. Good for nature: Organic products are good for nature as it uses customary methods of crop rotation. As no chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used, it helps to maintain a perfect balance n nature. 5. Organic products are not harmful to animals: Organic precuts are never tried and tested on animals. These are in fact tried on humans, thus ensuring safety to wildlife. 6. Caring for you and the planet: By using and consuming organic products you not only do good to yourself, but you do a lot of good to this planet too. The organic skin care products and organic bath products make you look fresh and radiant. The essential bath oils include various health benefits. Thus you look younger, healthier and stronger. As well all know that natural remedies are the safest to cure any health disorder. These natural remedies do not contain harmful sedatives or tranquilizers that rather spoil you health than doing anything good. Herbal and natural remedies cure the body without leaving any side-effects, unlike potent drugs and medicines. Whatever problem you are suffering from, organic products are best for you. Even your pet’s health shows amazing improvement by using organic products. Whether you want to lose weight or look young, you get whatever you want. Organic products are 100% natural, effective and without any side-effects. Say bye-bye to unhealthy living and start living health naturally. Use organic products and save yourself and our earth. Enjoy living with perfect health and skin, get rid of all those ailments a natural way by adopting organic products wherever it’s possible.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Organic Products For Your Home

——–Embark on an organic journey towards healthy living

As a consequence of industrial revolution dated long back and still going on, human life has been constantly dependent on several artificial products. Nature almost took a back seat. However, one cannot ignore nature and all the organic products coming from it in the face of problems created by artificial products.

Right from foods till the mattresses we sleep on, everything was made of artificial products and intermediates. However, today people swear by the benefits of organic products and the way they have changed their lives.

In today’s world, adopting organic products in daily routine is the magic mantra to health living. If you are still thinking about buying organic products then here are the 10 reasons to buy organic products for your home right away.

1. Higher antioxidant levels

Do you know that most of the artificial food stuff that you have just bought from the super market contains oxidative materials that are harmful to your health?

If no, then you must choose for organic food stuff rather than the artificial counterparts. Organic food stuff contains several anti-oxidants (almost 30%) that keep you healthy and fight all the oxidative species in your body that endanger your health.

2. Organic products do not endanger your health

In the conventional farming techniques, the fruits and vegetables are exposed to several pesticides and chemicals in order to avoid insect manifestations and damage to the plants.

However, most of these pesticides are recalcitrant and non-volatile due to which they linger in the vegetables and fruits for a long time.

When such food stuff is consumed by would-be mothers, it surely affects the neuronal development of the baby thereby causing many undue health problems.

The health of normal people is also affected. Hence, you should go for vegetables, fruits and food stuffs produced organically since they are not exposed to pesticides or chemicals.

3. Absence of Growth Hormones

In order to increase the amount of meat and milk, many people indulge in feeding or injecting their cattle and live stocks with external growth hormones. These growth hormones can prove to have adverse effect on your health if taken in excess quantities.

Moreover, most of these growth hormones are animal based and therefore cause irritation when such meat or milk is consumed. However, no such growth hormones are used when it comes to organic products.

4. Increased nutritional value

In normal farming procedures, the plants are exposed to higher levels of chemical and pesticides due to which the produce, i.e.; vegetables and fruits have lower nutritive value (just around 83%).

However, the vegetables and fruits that are grown and produced organically have higher amounts of elements like magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins and salicylic acid.

The nutritive value of organic products is very high and they successfully prevent the hardening of arteries and also play an important role in preventing cancer.

5. Healthy soil

When it comes to organic farming, people believe in the importance of soil and hence refrain from using pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Soil is the main component of nature that helps us to get nutritive food.

In conventional farming, the soil is literally stripped off its fertility due to constant exposure to inadequate conditions, excess pesticides, chemicals and sewage water that is highly toxic.

Moreover, the natural microflora of soil that contains innumerable micro-organisms is washed off. This weakens the soil all the more as it loses its capacity to retain water and tolerate highly saline conditions.

The weakened soil needs larger amounts of fertilizers to produce plants and subsequently the food stuff. However, the soil on which organic products are grown is highly fertile and brings a promise of a good supply of healthy food in any weather.

6. Excellent taste

Every supporter of organic food stuff swears by their excellent taste. While buying particular fruits or vegetables, you must have taken the ones that grow slowly so that they remain fresh for longer time. However, the vegetables and fruits obtained by conventional farming have fastidious growth.

Moreover, they tend to ripen very soon and also spoil very soon. However, the organic products have low water quantity and hence ripen and grow slowly. The organic fruits and vegetables appear fresh and remain so for a long time.

Due to low water content, the organic products taste and smell very good and fresh and have high amounts of nutrients. The organic food stuffs available in the market do not have any kind of additives or flavors and hence they taste awesome naturally.

The organic vegetables and fruits are more firm when compared to their conventional counterparts. Moreover, the organic apples are sweeter than the conventional ones.

7. Organic products do not risk the health of farm workers

Due to the constant use of pesticides and several other harmful chemicals, farmers and other farm workers are on a constant health risk. Many of the pesticides and chemicals tend to have materials that form poisonous aerosols that affect the health of these farmers.

Moreover, long term exposure to pesticides can lead to cancer due to the presence of carcinogens in them. Long term exposure to pesticides also leads to neuronal damage, birth defects and several genetic mutations that will haunt the future generations.

8. Organic products are GM free

Although genetically modified (GM) products are thought to be harmless, no one yet knows their full impact after a certain time lapse. Several GM products can prove to be irritable to your palate and health.

Several conventional farmers feed their live stock with GM products so that they can get higher amounts of meat and milk. However, the resulting products also contains high amount to GM ingredients which makes it harmful and indigestible most of the times.

The use of genetically modified seeds or live stock is strictly prohibited in organic farming. Hence, the organic products are truly natural and harmful.

9. Absence of antibiotics and other drugs

To obtain a healthy product several farmers inject or feed animals antibiotics and other drugs that keep the animals healthy. To think that the meat and milk obtained from these animals should be healthy and disease free is truly ridiculous.

Instead feeding antibiotics to live stock is harmful as it leads to the evolution of antibiotic resistant species of micro organisms that present in the live stock.

These resistant micro organisms may linger in the food stuff and affect the health of people who consume the products. Treating people in case they fall ill will be difficult as the antibiotics would not work to get rid of these resistant micro organisms.

10. Ecological balance and energy savings

As the adage goes “As you sow, so shall you reap”, you reap the benefits of whatever you have planted. Planting organics seems like the best option that it does not include any use of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Even the use of genetically modified seeds and live stock is restricted. These factors keep the ecology balanced as everything is natural and remains unaffected.

Moreover, since there is no need of pesticides or fertilizers, a lot of energy would be saved by the chemical industries. This saved energy would surely contribute in reducing the much dreaded global warming.

All the above reasons would surely make you think twice before you plan to buy an artificial product from the market.

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms and Natural Home Remedies for Hormonal Imbalance

Hormone balance is necessary for good health. This page is about the benefits that women of all ages can derive from custody their hormones balanced through progesterone therapy.

Before further illustration it will be of interest to describe briefly the monthly cycle.

A woman’s reproductive life spans about 40 years, from puberty with the onset of menstruation to menopause when it ceases.

A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever require – about 300,000. Of the 100 to 300 that develop each month, only one or two turn out to be mature, whilst the remainder is re-absorbed by the body.

Causes of Hormonal Balance

There are many causes of hormone imbalance, but at the pedestal of the problem is a little called Estrogen Dominance – which means there is too much estrogen and not enough progesterone present in the body.

There are many symptoms that consequence from have low progesterone levels.

What follows is a look at some of the ordinary ways in which medicine and industry have tamper with the natural balance of our hormones.

We as woman have used these crop blindly at the cost of our hormonal balance, overall health and long life.

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Symptoms of hormone imbalance are caused above all by the mistaken relationship between progesterone and estrogen level in the body.

The two female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, exist in a fragile balance.

1.    Allergy symptoms
2.    Depression, fatigue and anxiety
3.    Endometriosis
4.    Fibrocystic breasts
5.    Hair loss and facial hair growth
6.    Headaches, dizziness and cloudy thinking
7.    Low sex drive
8.    Osteoporosis

Hormonal Imbalance Treatment

There are different methods of treatment for hormonal imbalance. Drugs and hormonal supplement are used to conquer the lack of specific hormones.

Supplements for all hormones are obtainable which can be taken with a recommendation.

On the other hand, hormone blockers help in blocking the meaning of the hormones that are produced in excess.

There are also natural remedies for treating hormonal imbalance. Phytoestrogenic herbs help in treating absence of certain hormones.

Home Remedies for Hormonal Imbalance

1.    Liquorices or mulethi is a natural foundation of female hormone- estrogen which is requisite during this situation. This can be in use one teaspoon in warm milk two times in a day till symptom subside.

2.    Substitute garlic and onion fine particles for salt. Consuming salt increases urinary emission of calcium.

3.    Withania somniferous or usually called as ‘aswagandha’ is also useful in hormonal imbalance conduct.

4.    This helps to calm down bad-tempered performance in females with hormonal imbalance. This should be taken in dose of 5gm powder varied in warm milk.

5.    his preparation is taken two times in a day. It efficiently stops the emotional turmoil linked with hormonal imbalance typically during menopause.

6.    Mix two parts each of squaw vine, rue, red raspberry leaves, and white pond lily with one part of ginger root, chamomile, and spearmint.

Boil this in water in close lid. After cool take two teaspoon 3-4 times in a day till symptom subside.