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The Handcrafters Companion – Make Your Own Natural Soap

Anyone can have a clear, soft skin by using natural, handmade soap. These soaps are made from organic extracts, blended essential oils and natural botanicals taken from the rich natural resources of the earth. This is in a form of unique, individual bars with varying scents and colors.

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By making your own natural soap, you are free to choose a specific ingredient and scents to your liking. Because most of those commercial soaps are harsh, dry out and irritate your skin with prolonged use. So it is still a better option to know how to make your own natural soap.

Natural soaps are known to be gentle to sensitive skin and make a luxurious lather–without drying out your skin. Natural hand-made soap is not difficult to make, once you understand the basics. You can make a batch of soap in as little as one hour, depending on the formula. Here is a simple and easy way to make a natural soap.

You will need soap molds in any shape, 100 % pure petroleum jelly, 1 tbsp. distilled water, cheese grater, 1 or 2 bars of any colorless, opaque soap (Ivory or Castile soap or glycerin soap base), a double boiler, wooden spoon and wire rack. To start, lightly grease the inside of your soap molds with petroleum jelly then aside. Grate your soap base to make 1 ΒΌ cups then place it to a double boiler with distilled water over medium heat. Heat gently while occasionally stirring for 30 minutes until mixture looks like a fluffy pudding. Spoon the melted soap quickly into the prepared molds. Tap the edge of the molds to remove air bubbles. Let it cool and set completely. Gently remove the soaps and place it on the wire rack for at 24 hours.

Now you are ready to use your own made natural soap.

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Make Your Own Beauty Products – The Handcrafters Companion

Are you fond of using beauty products but you sometimes find it hard to keep up with their costs? What you need is something that will show you how to make your own beauty products. Making your own beauty products can prove to be to your advantage, especially when you want to save on costs of beauty products but you do not want to run out of supplies.

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You might find yourself surprised with how easy it is to make your own beauty products. What you basically need is a guide that will show you step-by-step procedures on making the most common beauty products, including a list of all the materials you will need.

You can find this kind of guide in many do it yourself books and magazines. You can also find them craft books and journals. You can also check the internet for more information about these guides and for tips on how to make the whole process of making your own beauty products a lot easier.

One thing you need to know about making your own beauty products is that you should get your hands on guides that will show you how you can make your own natural beauty and skin care solutions. In this manner, you can be assured that the beauty products you will be working on will not contain irritants that can prove to be harsh on your skin.

If you have nothing to do over the weekend and you are starting to be hurt by the unreasonable costs of commercial beauty products, it is high time that you learn how to make your own beauty products. Not only will you have something to do over the weekend, you will also have more opportunities to save money while keeping your face and skin free from blemishes.

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