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Causes of Premature Aging


There is long list of reasons why premature aging occurs. In the 21st century, the environment is fast evolving causing a lot of stress in the lives of many. A hectic lifestyle is another reason why people are not able to tend to themselves. Having little time to care for yourself usually results to a faulty diet – missing key vitamins and minerals that help rejuvenate damaged skin cells. The lack of exercise paired with a sedentary lifestyle could also lead to sagging skin and accumulated fats in the body.


As for smokers, smoking is something that does not only harm the body, but also accelerates its aging process. It prevents oxygen and nutrients from getting to the skin, breaks down the supply of collagen to the skin’s structure and hinders vitamins from being absorbed by the body.


Things to follow for proper skin care

Once the effects are done, they cannot be undone; unless with the miracle of technology that is not always a guarantee. Basically, to protect against premature aging, all the causes should be taken care of. This means a stress-free lifestyle, proper diet, exercise, and the application of sunscreen for UV ray protection. Using skin care cosmetics at night can also repair most of the damage.


Combining the right skin care cosmetics together with a healthier lifestyle will look good and feel even better! Your overall sense of well-being is enhanced. Other things you shouldn’t forget include having enough sleep, drinking the 8 glasses of water, and eating a diet (that is packed with fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants). Antioxidants in the diet can prevent premature aging by lessening the damage of oxidation to the skin cells.


If smoking is a part of the system, there would be no easy way of saying it but stop. Remember, in protecting the body from premature aging, proper body maintenance is a must. With the right attitude, premature aging can be avoided, letting you enjoy natural good looks for a long time.

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