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Do Good For Your Body With Pure Natural Soap

You have to love a long hot shower after a hard day’s work.  What makes a shower even better?  A great cleansing, natural soap!  But, are you at all concerned about what kind of soap is sitting in your shower?  Do you use a hard bar soap, any old soap you can get your hands on or do you like to lavish yourself in a pretty colored, natural smelling and long lasting pure natural soap?

We all use soap to cleanse our bodies…but is your soap actually doing your skin good?  Some soap contains SLS, which stands for Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and other additives that can actually cause skin irritations and are only added for the effect of suds, smell or color.  It is a fact that some people may only feel truly clean after they have scrubbed themselves silly using a lathered up bar of soap.  Do we really need all that extra stuff?  It is completely unnecessary to use soaps that are not gentle on our skin.   Besides that, the preservatives, addictives and colorants used in some commercial soap are just not good for the environment.

Soap scum forms when it reacts with the calcium salts in hard water.  This soap scum exists on our skin even after rinsing at the end of our shower!  It also exists on our shower walls, more so if you take baths often.   Pure and natural soaps are made of mostly oils (palm, castor, olive, essential oils, etc…) so they are really good for your skin as well as your bathtub.  Natural soaps are also wonderful for the environment because they do not have all those needless additives some commercial soap contains.

A great place to get pure natural soap is  This website offers soaps, face care, hair care, bath bombs and body care.  The best thing about it is everything is natural, which means no synthetics, fragrances, petroleum based products, parabens and absolutely NO animal testing!  Rest assured that everything you buy from Bodylish is made from pure natural ingredients and the finest essential oils.  Don’t you hate reading the ingredients label and not knowing or understanding what is in your soap or hair care products…what is all that stuff anyway?!   At bodylish the ingredients are listed on their products and most likely you will recognize the ingredients and will feel great using them because they are natural.  How could you not enjoy lavishing yourself in Ylang Ylang and Lavender oil?  Those are just two of the ingredients used in Bodylish’s Cowgirl’s Soap Cake soap.  What about washing our hair with Sweet Almond and Shea Butter?  With the ingredients listed in their products there is no way they are skimping on good smell and they got it right by doing good for the environment, loving our animals, and leaving our skin feeling great.

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