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Cosmetics Prohibited Network Operators Are Injured

Few days ago, no online shopping experience, Ling Chen colleagues to help make the Internet a bottle Sun Cream, however, Chen is busy most of the day, the resignation came back saying: “Sellers said, during the Olympic Games, sunscreen, etc. Cosmetic Can not mail. ”

Ling reason not to buy online sunscreen, because the State Post Bureau issued a “message of acceptance and transportation management to enhance the work of notice.” “Notice” provisions, from June 1 to October 31, prohibits acceptance of all postal window Liquid, Chemical, powder type, electrical and mechanical equipment category, similar to the soap block (paste) of goods and unknown metal, with gas or liquid confined devices. According to reports, the ban also applies to the courier company. Sunscreen is a cream, which in the prohibited list.

Is precisely this “prohibited order”, for some businesses in the online shop “very hurt”, it was learned that some of the online sales of cosmetics in large businesses, most recently business has deserted a lot. Heavy 3 percent sales

Online Shop Xiamen cosmetics business network business, said a small bell, as the majority of network operators do not have their own logistics staff, so fundamental are usually off-site delivery in the form of packets, and now the channel is limited, a great blow to them, It was her understanding that some people even temporarily close or change professions.

Small music network operators also said that her main business is Perfume , But “that prohibited” after the introduction of many of his goods can not be sent, even if sent, we can only consider the Automotive or rail transport, the freight charges alone on 3 times more than before, and the speed of cargo delivery a lot slower than before. “Now, some customers to flow away, can be for the Olympics, I can understand.”

According to Taobao announced first quarter 2008 net purchase report shows the first 3 months of this year, online cosmetics business of 90 million yuan from the same period last year surged to 520 million yuan. However, the “Prohibited Order” started, the network operators of cosmetics sales plummeted. EBay Marketing is statistics, by the “Prohibited order” effect, cosmetics Online Shop Heavy selling around three percent, specialty perfume stores and other liquid items more affected.

Little music that was her understanding that, before the summer selling toner, perfume, lotion and other cosmetics sales in June after diving into the style down, mainly because buyers are unwilling to accept cars, rail freight slower way.

Reporter learned from Taobao, cosmetics, network operators have already said, to support the Olympic Games, will be suspended business during the Olympics; also launched cosmetics seller, “self”, such as adjustment of shelves of goods, the Shopping Service target to international brands The bags, etc., in order to be able to survive in extraordinary times. But some sellers just opened near the new feel helpless, that the impact of normal business.

Part of the courier channel can send

Small bell that although “that prohibited” on the adverse impact on her business, but the better you can go “home rushed” and other channels, but in Beijing, Qingdao and other cities still get in the Olympics.

Reporters rushed online to see the house the company’s announcement. Notice that, in complying with the provisions of the company operating under the principle of combining the general Taobao business requirements, will house rushed Besides Beijing, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Qinhuangdao, Shenyang, Tianjin, Shanghai and other Olympic cities outside the seven cities each made 374 business and completely through its own system of internal operations. However, in accepting business, both to verify the sender identity and message posting and delivery of goods, and out of the box inspection, to ensure that no dangerous goods sent.

But rushed home yesterday, the company’s call, its staff, said since July 20 has not accepted delivery of liquid cosmetics business.

Subsequently, the reporter has contacted a number of courier companies. A reluctance to disclose the name of the courier company official said in Xiamen, in principle, liquid type, powder type and paste type of items are prohibited their income range, but the company has its own land transport channels, therefore, in determining are not dangerous and do not send items sent to the Olympic city’s case, they would according to the company’s distribution network selectively receiving, but the goods delivery speed may be slower than usual.

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