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Bare Essentials Makeup

Bare Essentials Makeup

Bare Essentials Makeup is made from pure mineral compounds. It uses micro-fine powder which is claimed to perfect flaws of the skin and give a smooth, even skin tone.

It is also thought that not only does this makeup give a natural looking glow to the skin, but helps sensitive skin. The products have no man made components, Bare Essential only use natural ingredients and have no talc, perfumes or preservatives added.

Bare Essentials also claim that their makeup will not clog pores, so is safe to use overnight and it will protect the skin from the sun.

It also claims to reduce the signs of ageing and is of particular benefit for people who have skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and scarring.

The use of minerals as a makeup is becoming increasingly popular. The lightweight powder is easy to apply and gives a gentle glow to the skin.

Bare Essentials makeup fashion also promotes the shelf life of their products in comparison to other similar brands. This extended shelf life gives people the time to actually finish using their cosmetic, rather than having to replace unfinished items due to expiry dates being reached before the entire contents have been used.

Bare Essentials uses zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and mica as the three main ingredients.

The zinc oxide is used to only give sun protection, but is also known for its ability to lessen redness and feels smooth on the skin. Titanium dioxide is used to form a protective barrier to exclude the sun and environmental pollutants as it resists absorption. The mica is used to give the makeup fashion its youthful glow and smoothness.

Bare Essentials claim that if used regularly over a few weeks the skin’s texture and overall condition can be improved. These products have the recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation as the minerals used help to block harmful UV sun rays.

To ensure distribution of the powder is even Bare Essentials also provide a range of specially designed makeup brushes which enables the minerals to be blended onto the skin with very little effort.

Bare Essentials makeup fashion say their mineral powder should be applied by swirling the brush into the loose powder, the excess tapped off, back into the jar to prevent wastage and then buff the powder all over the face to produce an even coverage. If blusher is required Bare Essentials Makeup produce product ‘Warmth’ which will give a ‘sun kissed’ look to complete the natural look.

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